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Fxckery is the world premiere of a dynamic, high-production pole dance performance showcasing the work of diverse local pole artists from within the intersections of Sydney’s LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and sex worker communities. Flowing amongst poles onstage, our dancers explore the enmeshment of sexuality and gender, queer the gendered expectations of pole dance, and interrogate their relationships with their art and their community.

Director & Producer: Linhqu / Linh Quynh Nguyen

Co-Director & Co-Producer: Eva Berlin

Assistant Director & Assistant Producer: Audrey Li Byrne

Lead Choreographers: Oryx and Sela Vai

Eva Berlin
Mutant Dysphoria
Sela Vai
Salem Serene

Sound Designer: Morgana Osaki

Costume Designer: Stephanie Schafer / sschafer

Lighting Designer: Frankie Clarke

Makeup Designer: Yasmin Goonweyn / bastafino

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